Phone App

Manage your meal planning on the go!

Mobile technology has made our lives so much more convenient. We have immediate access to things anytime and anywhere. With our BYFY mobile platform you can send meal plans and grocery lists right to your customer's mobile phone! This way your customers have access to their plan regardless of where they are. This convenient method means higher levels of compliance and better results. Mobile app delivery of meal plans can come from our library of pre-built meal plan templates designed by dietitians or doctors, or build your own custom meal plans using our BYFY desktop software products.


The BYFY mobile client app is free to download with your paid BYFY product subscription. Here is a list of the features available to you from our Internet and mobile nutrition program:

BYFY Mobile App

  • Full syncronization with web account
  • Online administrative console for tracking & management
  • Meal plans & grocery lists sent to mobile app
  • Log eating and exercise activities
  • Exchange foods for preferences
  • Add custom foods
  • Track weight
  • Messaging features


BYFY Mobile App - works with all Apple iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones. Ask your product specialists for details.


Once you have set up your account on the website you can then download the app. 
Most of functionality you will need from day to day can be accessed through the APP.  Here is a brief overview...


The Meal Plan






Selection of Food

Foods can either be added manually or by barcode scanning.




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